Wettrust VA vaginal applicator (Pack of 6)


Wettrust VA vaginal applicator

(Pack of 6)

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Product Description:

Safe and hygienic, comfortable and accurate, convenient and non-stick, zero-pollution intravaginal drug delivery device. When going out to work or travel, it can be easily and comfortably placed in the correct position in any posture of sitting, lying, standing or lying. Medical devices are produced in GMP-grade factories, medical-grade devices (first-class), safe and hygienic, clean and comfortable to use. The VA Applicator is a smooth, streamlined and easy-to-use design for quick and easy positioning of suppositories. VA is compatible with most short shafts or suppositories with a diameter of 11.5 mm or less.

Product Features Multinational Patents:

VA is a vaginal applicator designed for use in suppository form.
It is hygienic and safe for one-time use, which is different from traditionally inserted into the vagina with fingers, which can avoid the risk of infection caused by finger contamination.
Eliminate the inconvenience of using suppository drugs, and can easily place the suppository in the correct position in the vagina.
Can be used for common vaginal suppositories (vaginitis treatment, birth control pills, pregnancy hormones, etc.)


After washing your hands, open the top of the individual wrap and remove the product.
Pull the plunger rod out of the applicator container.
The container is tilted slightly, and the suppository is placed in the catheter.
Slowly position the plunger so that the bolus does not come out of the top of the container, as shown.
Hold the container with your thumb and middle finger, place your index finger lightly on the plunger, and insert the applicator into the vagina in the correct position.
The index finger slowly pushes the piston to the end and puts the suppository into the vagina.
The plunger will stop at the tip of the container. Since the suppository medicine has come out, please don’t press it any more.
Hold the container firmly and slowly remove the applicator.


  • Easy to-use device to effetely support insertion of various suppositories such as vaginal tablets.
  • Reliving uncomfortable insertion of vaginal suppositories by hand.
  • Streamlined ergonomic design for comfortable use and smooth insert into the vagina.
  • Compatible with most of vaginal suppositories under width 11.5mm
  • Vaginal suppositories are not included
  • Soft and flexible material relieving a certain pressure women may feel whist insertion into vagina.
  • Appropriately hold a vaginal suppository not to be out from the front.


Wettrust vaginal applicator is ergonomic design for comfortable use and helps insert vaginal suppositories into vagina deep enough.

This disposable applicator is individually wrapped and compatible with various vaginal suppositories.


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