Yim Hung Yu
FAIE (LSci), GAIE Fellowship of Life Science
Global Academy of Innovative Enterprises

Founder of Alphahygienic Co., Limited
Founder of Synett Information Technology (HK) Limited
Founder of Ezjade Jewelry Company Limited
Founder of Alpha Prince Med Co., Limited
Saint Francis University Lecturer Sharing Guests
Board member of Hong Kong Professionals and Senior Executive Association
Intermediate Coach in Hong Kong Taekwondo Association

Alphahygienic was founded in 2016. Nicholas Yim (FAIE (LSci), GAIE), the founder, is committed to develop all-natural health products and promote advanced female intimate care concepts to protect the health of women of all ages. Through out the period of puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and even menopause, women have to face different health problems caused by hormonal changes. Gynecological problems have been a topic that women ashamed to speak for. Therefore, Alphahygienic would like to bring women a more comfortable life and correct sense of women care.

Besides, Nicholas has come up with the idea of developing a series of all-natural health products that can even be taken by diabetics for the practical needs of his family. Against various difficult health problems, Nicholas has designed a high volume collagen drink compared to the usual collagen in the market– ‘Time in a Bottle’ (15,000mg German patented collagen, sugar-free, additive-free, high-survival probiotics) with three times higher collagen contained than what is usual on the market; ‘Lactbifi+ double strength probiotic’ (20 billion active probiotics, contains no talcum, glycerin, or aloe vera); and the first Bone tendon Drink – ‘Jointonic’(Strengthen bones, regenerate cartilage, strengthens tendons and lubricates joints). We have committed to bring the most effective ingredients to everyone by ensuring the safety.

Apart from our own-developed products, Alphahygienic is also distributor of different carefully selected high- quality products from all over the world including: ‘Wettrust’ from South Korea, women’s private care products (Sole distributor of Hong Kong and Macau), ‘Vrang’ from South Korea, LED Premium Gold infuse stick (2nd Generation)(distributor of Greater China) and ‘Olivos’ from Turkey, natural bathing and skincare, etc.

As an information technology profession for many years, Nicholas was invited by his friends for starting a beauty business in the very beginning. They went to many places and visited so many agents. Since Nicholas is persistent towards the ingredients and efficacy of products, he could hardly find a product that met his high standards at that time. Later, he discovered the Wettrust brand by chance, after understanding the concept, efficacy and ingredients behind Wettrust, he put a lot of effort and finally reached the chairman of the company. Then he decided to bring it to Hong Kong for distribution and started his journey on professional care and education.

There must be embarrassing and difficult times when it comes to promoting women’s intimate products by a man. There were different objections at the time, but Nicholas has the strong believe in choosing the right direction and stick to it. Besides, more and more users getting back very good reactions after using it. They all regret not to meet Nicholas earlier. This brings Nicholas big confidence to keep going.

For Nicholas, market education is vital and he will continue promoting the importance of intimate health care to women in the future.

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