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We are committed to searching for some truly safe and effective products for consumers, recognizing the ingredients and effects of various products on the market, and making the most appropriate choices for their health.

Professional Private Care Products

Most women often neglect privacy, hygiene and health, prone to itching, dryness and even gynecological diseases. Daily personal care products can relieve or prevent gynecological diseases and keep the private parts healthy.

Our Products

  • -22%Limited
    Beautiful and Healthy Set $1,188.0

    Time in a Bottle Collagen Drink

    • patented collagen 15000mg
    • antioxidant
    • all natural
    • no additives
    • astaxanthin
    • sugar free
    • Fat free
    • Carbohydrate free
    • no preservatives

    Lactbifi+ Double Strength Probiotic 

    1) Restoration of the natural flora in the intestine

    2) Alleviation of diarrhoea of different etiologies.

    3) Help to restore the balance of bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract in the cause of climate change.

    4) Produce substances (e.g. Baceriocins and Lactic acid ) that inhibits the growth of pathogens and neutralize their toxins.

    Directions :

    Take one sachet daily directly or mix with cold water or beverage.

    Best before : 2023 Aug 11

  • Lactbifi+ Probiotic $398.0
    • All natural
    • No additives
    • Sugar free
    • No preservatives
  • -10%LimitedSold Out
    Basic Care Set $888.0

    Daily care set

    Package contains

    1. One box Innergarm feminine cleaning gel(20pcs)
    2. One box Wettrust Feminine Wipes (25 pieces)
    3. One bottle Wettrust Foam Wash (160ml)

    Wettrust Foam Wash can be used in the shower every night. These ingredients are natural herbs and do not contain any harmful ingredients. The foam is soft and comfortable. After use, the intimate vulva will feel fresh. Daily use can also eliminate unpleasant odors and prevent harmful substances. Reduce gynecological diseases.

    Wettrust feminine wipes are made of 100% organic cotton, which can care for the skin in private areas, effectively antibacterial and anti-itch.

    The main ingredients of innergarm feminine cleansing gel are probiotics, licorice and bitter ginseng. Moisturizing gel can improve the vaginal environment, maintain the healthy pH of the vagina, and prevent gynecological problems. (Suitable for vaginitis, inhibit Candida, use after menstrual period)

    Out of stock

  • -2%Limited
  • -23%Limited
    Special promotional set $1,380.0

    Special promotion Set

    1. Time in a bottle (2boxes)
    2. Wettrust feminine Wipe 25pc/box (1 box)
    3. Outclear Spray (1 bottle)
    4. Foam Wash (1 bottle)
  • Lacfina $450.0

    LACFINA Capsules Private Care for Women

    └ Probiotic formula specially designed for women

    ● Fully improved health in private areas
    ● Strictly selected French yeast probiotics
    ● Keep good bacteria and remove unhealthy bacteria
    ● Helps to form a protective film to maintain freshness and comfort
    ● Clean + Protection + Balance, complete private maintenance at one time

    Research and development for women’s private maintenance


  • Sold Out
    Innergarm® Feminine Cleansing Gel 20 pieces $600.0

    Hypoallergenic transparent gel-type feminine cleanser you can use anywhere, anytime without water.

    Ingredients: Lactic acid, licorice root extract, Sophora flavescens extract

    Usually use it twice a week. If the problem is serious, use it for 3 consecutive days. After the condition is stable, continue to use it every 2 weeks. Use it for 3 consecutive nights after the end of menstruation. It will be better to use it with Foam Wash.

    Checking Point!

    Easy to use

    Easy to carry a single package anytime and anywhere

    Acid gel

    Contains lactic acid to help women’s vaginal pH balance

    Dermatologist test

    Test results are considered hypoallergenic

    Out of stock

  • Time in a Bottle Collagen Drink $560.0
    • patented collagen 15000mg
    • antioxidant
    • all natural
    • no additives
    • astaxanthin
    • sugar free
    • Fat free
    • Carbohydrate free
    • no preservatives
  • Wettrust Tea Tree Feminine Cleansing Wipe(25pcs) $200.0

    25 pieces/box

    Remove peculiar smell, stop scars, inhibit bacteria, and refresh private places. Designed for private skin, weak acid skin care ingredients, 100% Pure cotton is supple.

  • Sold Out
    Olivos Natural Activated Charcoal Soap $128.0

    Cleans, washes and cleans the skin, showing radiance, exfoliation, and purification. Extra Virgin’s premium virgin olive oil contains more than 86%. It can be soaped to the end and gently cleansed. It can be used by children and all skin types. No artificial fragrance/antiseptic Agents/SlS, SLES, EDTA, also suitable for sensitive skin types. Clear skin blemishes.

    主要成份 : 橄欖油,木炭

    Out of stock

  • Sold Out
    Innergarm® Silver-EX Disposable Revitalizing Gel 6 pieces $268.0

    innergarm Silver-EX Disposable Revitalizing Gel is a disposable moisturizing gel especially designed for senior women to revitalize and downage of the intimate area

    Recommended for those who…
    1.  Are suffering from itching, burning because of vaginal dryness.
    2. Are becoming passive in relationship with the loved one due to pain during intercourse.
    3. Are in need of down aging of the intimate area.

    Out of stock

  • Olivos - Honey Liquid Soap $118.0


    Olivos olive oil honey liquid soap is considered a very effective gift of nature because of many properties; it will keep the skin clean and clear. A protein made by bees is giving honey its healing power. The benefits of honey liquid soap provide the similar effects for the skin, helping it to keep it free of bacteria and washing away the impurities. Olivos honey olive oil liquid soap’s rich lather and luxurious smell makes you feel refreshed from its first use. The olive oil and real honey will leave you feeling revitalized. It will leave your hands feeling silky & soft. Great for all skin types, this liquid soap offers a nourishing, silky and soothing action on the skin
    immediately. It eliminates the appearances of blemishes on the hand effectively. Add Olivos olive oil honey liquid soap to your daily beauty routine for healthy looking and always glowing skin.

Research and development

Wettrust product certificate guarantee

South Korean Wettrust products have been tested and certified in more than 7 different countries, so users can use them with peace of mind.

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