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  • Wettrust VA Vaginal Applicator (6 pieces)

    This is an easy to-use device to effetely support insertion of various suppositories such as vaginal tablets. It relives uncomfortable insertion of vaginal suppositories by hand. WIth streamlined ergonomic design for comfortable use and smooth insert into the vagina. It is compatible with most of vaginal suppositories under width 11.5mm. Vaginal suppositories are not included.


    ⦁ Wettrust vaginal applicator is ergonomic design for comfortable use and helps insert vaginal suppositories into vagina deep enough.
    ⦁ This disposable applicator is individually wrapped and compatible with various vaginal suppositories.
    ⦁ Simple and convenient one-push type
    ⦁ convient and hygienic use

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