inclear® Disposable Feminine Cleansing Gel 10pcs

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Use enhances the cleansing effect especially before and after the period. Sub-acid cleansing gel ‘cleansing’ the menstrual blood and abnormal discharge effectively. It can moisturizes, remove odor, prevent irritation and women diseases such as candidiasis.

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    inclear® Disposable Feminine Cleansing Gel 10pcs


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    How to Use:

    – Use twice per week. For serious conditions, use for three days consecutively and once every two weeks after. Use for three days consecutively during menstruation. Use with foam wash for better results. Do not rinse and recommend to use with pads.
    – Wash your hands and tear the wrapper along with the tear line.
    – Take out inclear Vaginal Cleanser approximately 1/3, and remove the cap by bending at a 45-degree angle inside of the wrapper.
    – Insert inclear Vaginal Cleanser into vagina(approx. 1/3 of the applicator)
    – Press the plunger till it stops to squeeze the gel
    – Take out the applicator and put it into the bin.

    Main Ingredients:

    – Lactic acid( Increases self-cleansing ability of intimate areas )
    – Sodium hyaluronate (moisturizes)

    Feel Healthier and Refresh with Inclear

    by directly applying its cleansing gel of pH 4.2 ~ 4.8 into vagina!

    As well known, healthy vagina is maintained in sub-acidic (an optimal balanced pH of 3.5~5.0)

    However, in case of douching or alkaline soap and body wash, vaginal flora can be distrusted and

    you can be exposed to more risk on your vagina such as odor, itching, unusual discharge a vaginal inflammation.

    Therefore, the choice of right feminine care products requires a lot of careful attention.

    Wettrust confidently recommends you innovative & hygienic disposable feminine cleanser.



    • Individually wrapped disposable applicator
    • Water soluble transparent gel
    • Containing Sodium hyaluronate & Lactic Acid
    • Cleansing gel (Ph 4.2~4.8)


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