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Alpha Hygienic provides you with the most accurate and complete product information, and never deliberately deceives or misleads customers. However, product information, models and functions are changing day by day. Alpha Hygienic does not guarantee that product descriptions, colors, information and instructions or data are completely accurate And reliable. Any product content provided by Alpha Hygienic is not intended to replace any professional medical advice. All purchased products must be used in accordance with relevant product guidelines and precautions. Alpha Hygienic shall not be liable for any problems caused by incorrect or improper use of the product. If you have any questions about the product you are using, please consult your doctor or qualified medical/skin consultant before use. Your doctor or qualified medical/skin consultant should be able to provide you with relevant information based on your physical and health conditions opinion.

Payment and delivery details:

Payment Methods:

– Paypal or
– Credit card or
– Bank transfer

*Bank transfer: Hang Seng Bank: or Bank of China:, then Whatsapp transfer paper to +852, we will follow up with Whatsapp within 24 hours

Delivery method:

Hong Kong

Delivery method cost
SF Express-Pickup at SF Station* / Business Address Free shipping on orders over $500


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