Morel (250g)


【COREKOSO Shell カルシウム 】Ocean Shell Calcium Tablets

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Main ingredients:

Raw calcium, calcined shell calcium, coral calcium, calcined eggshell calcium, amino acid chelate, etc.

Designed for people who are worried about calcium deficiency and maintain bone health, suitable for growing bone development, middle-aged and elderly osteoporosis, and prenatal and postnatal calcium care.

From five kinds of shells (raw calcium unheated カルシウム, calcined calcium shell 焼成カルシウム, coral calcium サンゴカル シウム, amino acid chelate ミノacid キレート, calcined eggshell calcium (derived from eggs), natural calcium components are extracted from eggshell 焼成カルシウム (egg origin), to supplement the daily calcium required by the human body, and to provide vitamin D3 to promote absorption. Take 2 capsules daily, equivalent to inhaling. Get the calcium contained in 5 cups of milk, 8 plates of spinach, and 5 bowls of bone broth. Raw calcium, calcined shell calcium, coral calcium, and calcined eggshell calcium contain a variety of mineral nutrients.
Amino acid chelate has a very high absorption rate.

. Helps maintain normal development and health of bones and teeth
. Helps children grow taller
. maintain normal blood coagulation
. Slows bone loss and reduces the incidence of fractures
. Reduce cardiovascular disease risk
. Prevent cramps and muscle strains
. Prevent high blood pressure, prevent arteriosclerosis

How to use:

Take 2 capsules daily.



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