AIRDOG V5 Car Air Purifier


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Manufactured using the patented TPA technology of Airdog X5 & X8 home air purifiers. Our cars are an extension of our homes. Filterless purification: 50 times more efficient than HEPA filters in disinfecting bacteria, and mold and removing smoke.

Rated power: 6W

Dimensions: 2.4(H)*8.11(L)*6.89(W) inches/6*20.5*17.5cm

Input: DC 12V charger

Ozone: 5.3ppb

PM2.5 removal rate: 94.5%/h

CADR: 8.7 CFM, 14.8M/hour

Do you know how much pollutants surround you while driving in this city? ?

We spend more and more time in our cars. With each breath, smoke, allergens, dust mites, pollutants and other harmful substances are drawn into the lungs. Since your respiratory system cannot filter these particles, how can you protect yourself and those around you from dangers that are too small? So we need a car air purifier.

V5 is the solution. The most advanced car air purifier.

V5 adopts an advanced TPA filter, which solves the problems existing in the current HEPA filter.

Why choose V5? ?

AirdogV5 car air purifier is an innovative car air purifier, which uses advanced TPA technology to solve the problems existing in the current HEPA filter. With an impressive CADR of 14.8m/hr (equivalent to 14,800 liters per hour), the V5 can adequately filter and remove dust, pollen, dander, smoke, odours, mites, bacteria and viruses in a large SUV in minutes .

Bipolar active filtration technology is an active filtration technology that is different from HEPA passive filtration technology. TPA optimizes air filtration based on ionic wind. V5 implements TPA in a smaller form factor. Electrofiltration makes it have high collection efficiency and sterilization ability.

Features and Benefits

1. Active filtration technology

AirdogV5 car air purifier not only cleans and filters below 0.01 microns, our Active Air Filtration Technology (TPA) effectively sanitizes and kills bacteria/viruses while filtering.

2. Design of washable filter

Stop paying for wasted filters. Easy to take out and easy to clean. Save money and protect the environment.

3. "Smart" to clear internal notifications

Built-in sensors allow the device to sense how dirty the collector plate is. When it’s time to clean up, the device sends a dash notification.

4. Control airspeed and noise

Air velocity and noise control built into the V5. When you wish to change the airflow speed, change it to manual mode, then just one, two or three clicks to control the speed and settings.

5. Small and portable design

The V5 is also equipped with a “USB” portable power plug. Apart from using the AirdogV 5 in your vehicle, you can also use the V5 Car Air Purifier in small spaces such as your cubicle, bedroom, closet, co-working area, etc.

6. "Smart" motion-activated features

Our V5 car inflator smart technology turns on the device and you start driving. No need to manually turn it on in “automatic” mode!

HEPA air purifiers only collect dust and pollutants. But collecting doesn’t mean cleaning. Accumulated contaminants will grow on the HEPA, causing unpleasant odors and dangerous sanitation problems.

After trapping 45 cigarettes, the HEPA air purifier lost 50% of its efficiency.

A technical term called CCM (cumulative cleaning mass) defines how much pollutants a HEPA filter can capture before losing 50% of its efficiency. Laboratory researchers quantified that 45 cigarettes would render a typical HEPA filter ineffective.

In contrast, the cleaning power of the Air Dog dropped only 0.2% after 440 cigarettes!

A HEPA air filter replacement will cost an average of $500 every 12 months, roughly $2,500 over the life of the product.

The Airdog Tesla Non-Consumable Collection Tray is washable by hand, saving you the expense of buying unnecessary filters. Save an average of $500 every 12 months ($42 per month). No more wasteful and expensive filters.

Current HEPA air filters cause waste pollution and environmental damage. HEPA filters are not recyclable. Most people will live in landfills. Let’s avoid the “Wall E” era..

V5 is in action

Filter up to 14,800 liters per hour!

V5 only takes 10 minutes:


TeslaAir is the first washable car air purifier. For long-term and daily use, just wipe every two months, set it, and forget it.

It takes 1 minute to clear the collection tray. Wipe it clean and go!

V5 effective placement plan

Front cabin

This is the main recommended placement area for maximum filtration efficiency. Most particles enter the back of the cabin through the heating/AC vents in the front.

Between the front seats


This is probably the best option for maximum filtration of the surrounding area in the backseat.

Trunk trunk area

This is recommended to minimize noise levels and to filter any particulates from the trunk or back area.

How it Works

Step 1:

The emitter line generates high-energy plasma: kills bacteria, and destroys formaldehyde and TVOC.

Step 2:

The charged particles are accelerated under the high voltage field and move towards the collecting plate.

Step 3:

The collection plate captures PM2.5, dust, dead bacteria and toxins. This process repeats and cleans the air inside the vehicle.


How does the V5 compare to our other products?

The choice is clear. TPA filtration is the future of air purification. There are no extra costs and no wasted filters. Save $$ and the planet.

Professional laboratory testing and certification

Product Specification

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