Blue-White 2* 100g



2* 100g

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Cleanses the skin with natural power, leaving the skin as smooth as a protective film run
Soothes the skin
Nourishes hair roots
For cellulite treatment
Effective in treating eczema,
Itching and fungal infection treatment
**Shampoo, face wash, bath, wash hands, no burden with one soap**
Blue and white porcelain began to appear in large numbers in Jingdezhen in the middle and late Yuan Dynasty, and entered the Ming Dynasty. After the generation, the unique shape and decoration of Yuan blue and white disappeared mysteriously, and after 500 years. Over the years, almost nothing was known about it. By 1956, American scholars found that there are 40 pieces of Yuan Dynasty blue and white porcelain in the Topkapi Palace in Turkey. Quantity and quality are the best in the world. Known as the “Ottoman Imperial Palace”. The Topkapi Palace in Turkey has always been identified as a sea of ​​blue and white porcelain in the Yuan Dynasty of China. The largest collection outside, not only diverse but well preserved. blue and white porcelain vase. The main reason is that the first system was implemented during the Ottoman Empire in Turkey, the system stipulates that “after the death of an official, his property must be returned to the state treasury.” “Blue and White”. The book “Porcelain Mystery” wrote: “Yuan Qinghua is Chinese culture, Islamic culture. The crystallization of the three and Mongolian culture, the use of traditional Chinese and excellent porcelain craftsmanship perfect experience of the bright blue that is always loved in Islamic culture, but also has changed the inherent aesthetic taste of the Chinese people, which is unprecedented. “road:” Yuanqinghua is the crystallization of Chinese culture, Islamic culture, and Mongolian culture. Perfect experience of Islamic culture by using Chinese traditional and excellent porcelain craftsmanship. The bright blue that the Chinese institute always loves has also changed the inherent aesthetics of the Chinese people. The fun is unprecedented. “

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