Inner Rose Ex Revitalizing Gel


Inner Rose Ex Revitalizing Gel

6 sticks

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Product Description:

The natural ingredients Jinlumei used have a soothing effect, purslane has a hypotensive effect, and Rose Ex has a moisturizing factor, which balances the pH value of women’s vagina and maintains a healthy vaginal environment. The aroma of Bulgarian rose can effectively eliminate odor, and also help relieve work stress, relax mood, and have a comfortable sleep.


You can take one as instructed before going to bed, put it into the vagina for about 3 minutes 2, squeeze out the care gel, it is recommended to lie down and use a thin pad to keep the care solution in the body for a long time, and it will slowly flow out on the second day , without cleaning. Wash your hands before use, tear open the top of the package along the line, do not take out the capacity, take out 1/3 (the pusher part). Use your fingers to break off the end cap in the paper bag, and then pull out the container body to avoid touching the front end of the tube body to avoid contamination. Insert the container into the vagina at different depths. Press the index finger to the end of the push lever to inject all the gel. Slowly remove the container and put it back in the original bag.

Main Ingredient:

  • Bulgarian rose (moisturizing, eliminating odor)
  • Jin Lumei (Soothing and Calming)
  • Purslane (antihypertensive)

South Korea

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