innerGarm®️ Men Cleanser (200ml)


Innergarm Men’s Cleanser


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Feeling of use:

Refreshing and refreshing (slightly cool, it feels like cooling down), comfortable and refreshing after use, no dryness or tightness

Main Ingredients:

– Panthenol, Water-Soluble Maca Root, Tomato Extract, Amino Acid Complex
– General soap has limitations on male sputum, bacteria, fungi, etc.
– Penile smear is the smegma that accumulates around the sexual organs such as urine, semen, secretions from the Bartholin gland, etc.
– Penile scum is composed of fatty components, which is easy to breed harmful bacteria, germs and other environments
– When men have sex without completely eliminating penile scales, it may cause problems such as women’s vaginas, so for themselves and the other party’s healthy men should clean and care for their private parts


1. Press once or twice and take a suitable amount in your hand.
2. Apply on the vulva and massage for 20 to 30 seconds before wet water.
3. Wash with warm water.


South Korea

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