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Multi Omega

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Main ingredients: [L-Vita] patented growth amino acid combination, α-GPC, DHA, calcium lactate and vitamin D3 ingredients.

Designed for developing people aged 6-22 years and above. Breakthrough scientific research – growth amino acid combination [L-Vita] height-enhancing technology, surpassing the old-fashioned growth-enhancing products, maximize bone growth! Hot sale in Japan!

Japanese clinical trial: 200 developing students took Okami for six months, and their height was higher than before taking it
40% faster.

Five patented ingredients Maximize the speed of bone growth:

  • 【L-Vita】Growth Amino Acid Combination Technology Promote the growth and development of the bone line growth plate again
  • A-GPC Promotes the secretion of growth hormone in the pituitary gland
  • DHA Activates brain nerves and cells
  • Calcium lactate · Supplement human calcium
  • Vitamin D3 Promotes the growth and strengthening of osteoblasts

Provide ingredients to promote bone cell proliferation!
Activate the body’s natural growth hormone secretion, and cooperate with acquired assistance!
Perfect development again!

. Aiming at all-around human cells, stimulating growth hormone secretion, focusing on bone development
. Provides nutrients needed for bone and brain development
. Activate brain nerves and cells, enhance thinking and memory, and promote the secretion of growth hormones
. Helps the body synthesize the natural growth hormone
. Promotes growth and strengthening of bone cells
. Supplement human calcium to help bone healthy development
. Maintain a healthy growth level of the body, so that the bones can continue to grow to the maximum extent

[How to use]: Take two capsules a day, one hour before bedtime.

【Applicable persons】:
. Children and adolescents in the growth and development period – promote bone development and height, strengthen bone, make the bones stronger and stronger, and the calcium in the bones is not easy to be lost due to problems such as diet, at the same time, it provides the nutrients needed for the development of the brain to help all-around development and growth. People who have passed the developmental period – even if they are 22-25 years old, there is still room for growth of 4-5cm (some people’s growth plates do not fully close in adulthood), giving you a second chance to grow.

*Take a course of treatment for 6 months, please insist on taking the product.
*This is a bone nutritional supplement and can be taken for a long time.
* Use this product to do stretching exercises before going to bed or after getting up, stretching exercises can help the body relax the burden of bones, and it is recommended to do more impact sports (promote the formation of bone growth plate cells and increase bone density).
*Please keep up the good work and rest time during use. It is recommended to fall asleep before 22:00 every night.
The best time to secrete growth hormone.

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