OLIVOS – Olive Oil Charcoal Coconut Liquid Soap (450ml)



Olivos Charcoal Coconut Olive Oil Liquid Soap

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Olivos Charcoal Coconut Olive Oil Liquid Soap is known as the A gift from nature. From the first use, you will feel the difference. Different clean and fresh. Activated charcoal makes the skin firmer. To make the charcoal “activation”, Charcoal must go through a high temperature steam activation process. This process increases the surface at the same time, it strengthens the adsorption and filtration capacity of charcoal, making activated carbon into the best choice for medical and cosmetic. Coconut has a high fat content and a lot of fatty acids, Therefore, this liquid soap is the best choice for replenishing skin moisture. powerful antioxidant with the help of the chemical agent vitamin E, coconut can effectively protect skin cells while removing dirt. No colouring added. Coconut gently cleanses and relaxes muscles skin, will not irritate the skin. Olivos the rich lather and luxurious aroma of Charcoal Coconut Olive Oil Liquid Soap combine in one It gives you a new look. Olive oil, charcoal and coconut will keep you full of life force. It keeps your hands silky smooth. Suitable for any skin, this Liquid soap instantly nourishes the skin and keeps it smooth. this liquid Soap can lighten blemishes on hands. put Olivos, Add Charcoal Coconut Olive Oil Liquid Soap to your skincare routine Inside the program, let you have healthier and brighter skin.

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