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Olivos is proud to offer you stylish, pure and fresh goat milk liquid soap. Thanks to the proteins in goat milk, it helps repair the skin and has naturally moisturizing and provides a long lasting natural milk smell. in liquid soap. The extra virgin olive oil helps hydrate your skin every time for long-lasting silky smooth. A natural, premium and healthy choice for you and your skin. Goat milk is considered to be the closest milk to human breast milk, it is full of nutrients, rejuvenates skin cells. Many vitamins, such as A, C, D, E and some B, and mild ingredients, It hydrates and allows nutrients into the skin to reduce skin irritation. Its excellent composition imparts moisturizing, firming and softening properties, using 100% special extra virgin olive oil fortified. Olivos Goat Milk liquid soap due to its high content of alpha-Hydroxy acids such as lactic acid delay the signs of skin aging. Lactic acid helps removes dead skin cells from the skin, leaving skin looking smoother and fresher. Add Olivos Goat Milk Soap to your beauty routine for a healthy look view and forever glowing skin. It will eliminate the appearance of blemishes on hands from your first from one use, you will find your skin feels softer. Perfect for makeup remover, facial cleansing and daily skin care routine. The olive oil content in the Olivos liquid soap range reaches the world’s top level, and the new. The liquid soap series can immediately provide nutrition to the skin, keep the skin soft and smooth. Replenishes skin with moisture every time you use it to keep skin silky for a long time. And lighten dark spots on hands. You can also use it as a body wash.

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