Postpartum Suit


This set of products includes 4 kinds of products: Wettrust Lady Cleansing Foam (160mL), Lady Wipes (25pcs in a box), Tea Tree Spray (30mL) and Inclear (10pcs in 2 boxes).
Ms. Wettrust cleansing foam can be used in the shower every night. These ingredients are natural herbs and do not contain any harmful ingredients. The foam is soft and comfortable. After use, the intimate vulva will feel fresh. Daily use can also eliminate unpleasant odors and prevent harmful substances. , Reduce gynecological diseases.

Ms. Wettrust wipes are made of 100% organic cotton, which can care for the skin in private areas, effectively antibacterial and anti-itch.

Women’s wet tea tree spray can effectively inhibit bacteria and relieve itching, and can also eliminate unpleasant odors in private areas.

The main ingredient of Inclear is probiotics. The internal moisturizing gel can improve the vaginal environment and maintain the healthy pH of the vagina. It can also help clean up lochia, strengthen the protection of private parts, and restore a healthy body as soon as possible.

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