Rumi Olivos 2* 100g


Rumi Olivos

2* 100g

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86% castile soap imported from Europe, delicate and moisturizing, has high cleansing power, removes dirt from pores does not hurt sebum.
Soothes the skin
Nourishes hair roots
For cellulite treatment
Effective in treating eczema,
Itching and fungal infection treatment
The olive leaf in the Ottoman range purifies the skin thoroughly and has a special and natural exfoliating effect.
**Shampoo, face wash, bath, wash hands, no burden with one soap**
Islamic Sufi mystic poet and jurist, living in 13th-century Persia under the Seljuk Empire. In the later period of Rumi, he devoted himself to the creation of “Masner”. At the time of the Wei Dynasty, it was Genghis Khan led the Mongol army on a westward expedition to destroy the Arab emperors. The country’s war years. The important reason for the long-lasting Rumi fever in both the East and the West. One of the reasons is his pacifist concept, the Sufism he expounded, It’s like a cooling agent for fanatical Muslim fundamentalism, but also the antidote to all war frenzy. Rumi left this will: No
Look for me in the cemetery, don’t look down at me, I’m still alive, in people’s hearts inside

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