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  • 1A Negative Hydrogen Ion Water Machine $14,800

    The new generation of direct drinking fountains can remove chlorine, heavy metals and lime.


    Hong Kong water source, Hong Kong certification

    No plug-in, no waste water

    The price includes basic installation!

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    Basic Care Set $888

    Daily care set

    Package contains

    1. One box Innergarm feminine cleaning gel(20pcs)
    2. One box Wettrust Feminine Wipes (25 pieces)
    3. One bottle Wettrust Foam Wash (160ml)

    Wettrust Foam Wash can be used in the shower every night. These ingredients are natural herbs and do not contain any harmful ingredients. The foam is soft and comfortable. After use, the intimate vulva will feel fresh. Daily use can also eliminate unpleasant odors and prevent harmful substances. Reduce gynecological diseases.

    Wettrust feminine wipes are made of 100% organic cotton, which can care for the skin in private areas, effectively antibacterial and anti-itch.

    The main ingredients of innergarm feminine cleansing gel are probiotics, licorice and bitter ginseng. Moisturizing gel can improve the vaginal environment, maintain the healthy pH of the vagina, and prevent gynecological problems. (Suitable for vaginitis, inhibit Candida, use after menstrual period)

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    Beautiful and Healthy Set $1,388

    Time in a Bottle Collagen Drink

    • Patented collagen 15000mg
    • Antioxidant
    • All natural
    • No additives
    • Astaxanthin
    • Sugar free
    • Fat free
    • Carbohydrate free
    • No preservatives

    Lactbifi Double Strength Probiotic 

    1) Restoration of the natural flora in the intestine

    2) Alleviation of diarrhoea of different etiologies.

    3) Help to restore the balance of bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract in the cause of climate change.

    4) Produce substances (e.g. Baceriocins and Lactic acid ) that inhibits the growth of pathogens and neutralize their toxins.

    Directions :

    Take one sachet daily directly or mix with cold water or beverage.

    Best before : 2023 Aug 11

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  • Hanamisui Outclear Liquid Wash Type (150ml) $258


    Use liquid type vaginal moisturizing cleanser provides a delicate cleansing with freshness. Contains tea tree essential oil which able to calm and sooth sensitive skin. 100% pure. Free from parabens and artificial colors with low pH level formula. Rich and dense mousse type cleanser. No need to wash off. Whitening the intimate area by natural ingredients.


    Water, LPG,Glycerin, Laureth sulfosuccinate 2Na, Lauryl glucoside, Cocamide DEA, Cocoyl glutamic acid TEA, Methyl propane diol, Perfume, Ethylhexyl glycerin, Caprylic hydroxamic acid, BG,Ethanol,Ascorbyl tetrahexyldecanoate, Malic acid, Bisglyceryl ascorbic acid, Na lactate, Ascorbyl glucoside, Lactic acid, Clara root extract, Wild time extract, Na citrate,Hydroxide K, Cannabara fruit extract, Saccharomyces/Persimmon Fruit Juice Ferment Extract, Sage leaf extract,Himefuro extract, Camomile flower extract, Rosemary leaf extract, citric acid, Soybean seed extract, Arch chalk leaf extract, carbon dioxide, Eye Leaf / Stem Extract

    Recommended for those who…

    – Are concerned about the dryness of intimate area.

    – Want whitening effect on intimate area.

    – Want to low stimulated cleanse onto intimate area.

    Directions of Use:

    – Use the product after shaking it.

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  • Inclear 10 pieces $300

    Pack of 10

    Remove odor, inhibit itching, reduce abnormal secretions, prevent gynecological diseases, inhibit candida, adjust pH, Contains hyaluronic acid and the ingredients can moisturize and lubricate. To clean up lochia, wait 15 days after giving birth to effectively remove lochia and speed up recovery health. Does not contain artificial colors and chemical flavors.

    Usually use 2 times a week. If the problem is serious, use it for 3 consecutive days. After the condition is stable, continue to use it every 2 weeks.After using it for three consecutive nights, it will be better to use it with Foam Wash. No need to rinse, can be used with pads.

  • Inner Rose Ex Revitalizing Gel $180

    6 sticks

    The natural ingredient Jinlumei has a soothing effect, Portulaca has a hypotensive effect, and Rose Ex has a moisturizing factor,
    Adjust the pH value of women’s vagina and maintain a healthy vaginal environment. Bulgarian rose aroma can effectively eliminate odors, but also help
    Relieve work pressure, relax emotions, and have a comfortable sleep.

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  • Innergarm Herb Ex Herbal Ginseng Warming Gel $218

    6 sticks

    To solve the problem of cold palace, the use of natural ingredients ginseng and wormwood can stop bleeding and drive away cold, help relieve cold and warm palace, improve the problem of cold palace, balance the pH value of women’s vagina, inhibit harmful bacteria, and moisturize and lubricate. Strengthening the uterus is of great help to women who want to become pregnant or have a healthy body.

    Three nights before menstruation (approximately enough), use one bottle every night before going to bed, and one bottle every night after menstruation, for three consecutive nights.

    How to use:
    Use for three days consecutively during menstruation.
    Wash your hands and tear the wrapper along with the tear line.
    Take out inclear Vaginal Cleanser approximately 1/3, and remove the cap by bending at a 45-degree angle inside of the wrapper.
    Insert inclear Vaginal Cleanser into vagina(approx. 1/3 of the applicator)
    Press the plunger till it stops to squeeze the gel
    Take out the applicator and put it into the bin.

    Main ingredients:
    Panax Ginseng Root Extract (retain vaginal warmth)
    Sodium hyaluronate (moisturizes)


    Expiry Date(this batch): 23 May 2024

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  • Innergarm Men Cleanser $248

    Innergarm men cleanser

    A male cleanser that helps maintain a comfortable and clean state and takes care of the sensitive parts of men.

    Product Category: Men’s Cleanser
    Core Ingredients: Panthenol, Tomato Extract, Hydrolyzed Maca Root, Amino Acid Complex

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  • innergarm Rose-Ex Revitalizing Gel $180


    Herb-ex provides moisture, nutrition and hygienic self-care effect. It can give a feeling of natural hydration with the Bulgarian rose scent. Containing Rosa Centifolia Flower Water & Rosa Damascena Flower Water & Rose Extract.

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  • Innergarm® Feminine Cleansing Gel 20 pieces $600

    Hypoallergenic transparent gel-type feminine cleanser you can use anywhere, anytime without water.

    Ingredients: Lactic acid, licorice root extract, Sophora flavescens extract

    Usually use it twice a week. If the problem is serious, use it for 3 consecutive days. After the condition is stable, continue to use it every 2 weeks. Use it for 3 consecutive nights after the end of menstruation. It will be better to use it with Foam Wash.

    Checking Point!

    Easy to use

    Easy to carry a single package anytime and anywhere

    Acid gel

    Contains lactic acid to help women’s vaginal pH balance

    Dermatologist test

    Test results are considered hypoallergenic

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  • Innergarm® Silver-EX Disposable Revitalizing Gel 6 pieces $268

    innergarm Silver-EX Disposable Revitalizing Gel is a disposable moisturizing gel especially designed for senior women to revitalize and downage of the intimate area

    Recommended for those who…
    1.  Are suffering from itching, burning because of vaginal dryness.
    2. Are becoming passive in relationship with the loved one due to pain during intercourse.
    3. Are in need of down aging of the intimate area.

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